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Monday, January 14, 2019

Frigid Five - My First Race of 2019

I just finished my first race of the year, the Frigid Five, held at North Park in Pittsburgh, PA. It was also the first time I'd ever run this particular race. Cheers to working on our resolutions and trying new things!

A friend of mine set 19 goals for 2019 and since I'm easily inspired and love to set goals, I decided I'd set 19 goals, too! Then, because sometimes my ideas are bigger than I can handle, I only came up with 16. One idea that I did have, which I've sort of nibbled at the edges of for awhile, is running a race a month.

That is a really hard goal for me because of scheduling. In months like April and May, the kids' schedules are so tight it's hard to find a moment to eat let alone run a race. And when we're on vacation in June, I just feel like relaxin' not racin'.

But this might be my year. I've already got one done! I'm also fine if I get 6 races done in a year. Any more than that is a bonus.

The Frigid Five

So the Frigid Five wasn't super frigid today, luckily. I've heard it's been very, very cold in the past. It did snow last night and although the county did send plows and salt trucks around, the roads were gritty and slushy. Not the best footing. The race starts at the top of a hill near the Lodge and meanders down hill toward the lake. You go up and down some little hills on Pierce Mill and then make the right turn climbing uphill to the finish. I think it's Ridge Rd. It's a loooong hill. Parts are steep. I've biked up it before - in fact I've done biking hill intervals up it before! And I'm nowhere near a great biker, so I knew I could run up this hill.

My goal was to finish in under 50 minutes. I finished in 48:20, so not bad! I also decided that I would not walk up that last hill. And I didn't! No disrespect or judgment to other racers who did walk. Heck, lots of them walked and beat me up the hill. It's my own mental hang-up that I just can't walk and feel good about it. It's an effective strategy for lots of people. Like I said, it's my hang-up.

As usual, races run by Lightspeed are enjoyable. Easy registration, easy packet-pick up the morning of, nice race premium (it's the light blue buff in the photo) and this race had delicious pancakes and hot cocoa afterwards. I didn't snag an age group medal, but I met my finish time goal, my not-walking goal, and I also met my ENJOYMENT goal.

The Enjoyment goal is an important part of any event for me. There were a lot of things that might have made this event less than fun for me, and then some things happened that made it very fun.

  1. No one could come with me. I don't like going to things by myself. But I did it. 
  2. I had to park at the bottom at the hill and walk up to the race start. I was fortunate to chat with some friendly runners who made it an easy climb. 
  3. I had to get back down the hill at the end. I was so worried I'd be sweaty-cold. But a car was leaving right as I was and I got a ride to my van! 
  4. The slushy, gritty roads made me nervous, but I did fine. It was fine! 

So, one of my 2019 goals is chugging along nicely. I do hope to get a little faster by the time I run the Spring Thaw in February and reach my goal pace for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile in April! But for today, I'm going to relax and enjoy my achievement!

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