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Monday, January 28, 2019

Trying New Things - 2019 Edition

It's always a good time to try new things. But what about trying things that you haven't done in maybe 30 years? Do they count as new?

Let's take ice skating.

During the holiday break, I spontaneously decided to ice skating. I hadn't ice skated in about 30 years. I was never any good at it before and I was nervous about doing it, but thanks to help from two friends, I completed one loop around the ice.

I felt proud and energized.

I do make new year's resolutions but I also like to review my goals for the year. It's taken me about a month to refine my goals.

At first I made a big list of everything I wanted to have happen this year. Then I realized there were some things on my list that I might not reach no matter how hard and how smart I worked. After a second look, I realized there were some things on there that couldn't really be measured as "done" or "good." They were just too subjective or ongoing.

So I divided my goals into different kinds of lists. Here they are:

2019 Goals

Things I can complete
  • Run six races this year (As of today, I've done 1!)
  • Finish my YA manuscript
  • Finish the Rosalie manuscript
  • Go camping 
  • Co-Read a book with each kid 
  • Bake something new
  • Go for a group run
  • Attend a new conference

Ongoing things I want to do well:
  • Moms volunteering
  • SCBWI volunteering (Now I'm the RA!)
  • Writing coach 
  • Writing club 
  • NHSC (Just the spring season)

Stuff I will work hard on but can't guarantee: 
  • Find the right agent
  • Write more for the educational publishing market 
  • Continue to write for Highlights - Achieved in Feb 2019!
  • Continue to write for Cricket magazine 

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