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Monday, July 8, 2019

Try It: Colorado Vacation

We just finished up a wonderful family vacation in Colorado. We stayed in Monument and Breckenridge. We visited lots of lovely other towns. And we tried LOTS of new things.

The kids tried new foods including pate, Caeser salad, chicken wings, trout, venison jerky, and pho.

We tried new activities, like horseback riding.

We did white water rafting which was very, very cold and a hot water springs pool which was very, very warm.

We tried two escape rooms. We solved them both.

We tried hiking into caves, up to mountain tops and hanging lakes, and under waterfalls.

We tried panning for gold. Twice.

We tried wearing cowboy hats and oxygen bars.

We also tried sitting around together and doing nothing. That was kind of hard at first, because we are so used to doing something.

But after chatting, laughing, and sitting by the fire, and more laughing, it felt really good to just spend time together.


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