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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bird-watching at 44

I turned 44 last month! I love celebrating my birthday and I think it's weird I didn't remember to put up a post about what a great birthday I had.

We went to dinner, I got wonderful cards with beautiful messages and some perfect gifts. I was really excited about the new pair of binoculars. I enjoy bird-watching and never really did it in any formal way. But during our recent Colorado vacation I had fun identifying some new Western birds and decided I wanted to keep going with this hobby back home.

I took them right outside and scouted around Tyler Park. While I was out there - and on the phone talking to my brother, niece, and nephew about domesticated versus wild butts - I saw a hawk land in a nearby tree with a small mouse or chipmunk or animal in its claws! Then the hawk dropped the animal, then hunted and captured it again out in the open field, all while I was watching!

It was quite a gift. Thank you, hawk.

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