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Monday, November 11, 2019

Shooting on Goal

Over the weekend, I had the wonderful chance to watch my youngest play futsal. Futsal, or futbol de sala, is soccer played in a gym. It is not, however, indoor soccer. The rules are slightly different and the ball is heavier. It's a fast paced game that prioritizes foot skills and quick decision making.

In the video, he is #16.

"At the beginning of the play, I was thinking I was going to cross it into someone. I mostly look for people to pass to. I knew I had two other teammates nearby. I knew there were three people back, it was 3 on 3, so I was kinda sure. I was thinking they might get it and attack. We just started trying to get the ball and trying to shoot and score.  
I decided to shoot when I had an opening. I just try to put it on target. No, I don't try to go for a top corner. I just try to put it somewhere. I went high instead of low because the goal keeper was small. I thought if I put it up there, I might be able to have a chance to score. No, I didn't know it was going to go in. When the ball went in the net, I thought "yay!" I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to hit the whoa. I didn't, though, because it would be like meanish to the other team.  
I felt bad for the other team. [They lost something like 12-0.] I was proud of my goals. I wanted to take more shots. I kinda held back because we were winning so much."

I love futsal. It's fast and there's a lot of scoring. It's a lot different from outdoor soccer. Sometimes, when it's a close game, the parents can get very loud. Those voice echo in those small gyms. I wonder if the kids hear us, or just block us out and play the game.

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