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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Last Week I Ate Icing Out of the Tub

Earlier in the day one kid got a C on a test and he had a study guide but didn't ask for help studying which was frustrating since the day before he got a 0/100 because he took a test with a pen instead of pencil

and one kid made himself pizza rolls for dinner and the other kid only ate tomatoes and edamame
but we got to the band concert

and then kid playing in the concert realized he didn't have his mouthpiece so we called Dad who was driving one kid back from soccer photos just to hear the concert kid for 20 minutes then driving back to soccer practice diverted home to get the mouthpiece

and somehow got it to school with 5 minutes to spare and we heard the concert and dad and other kid left to go back to soccer practice

and then concert kid asked if we could leave because he still had homework to do which was stunning because he had 2 hours after school to do it and I hate leaving concerts early but we had to do it

and just as we were leaving the concert one kid realized he didn't have his AirPods but he wasn't sure if they fell out of his pocket or were at home so we went back to the school and he snuck back into the auditorium while the next grade played songs and he crawled under seats until he found them

and that's why I ate icing out of the tub today.

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