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Friday, January 3, 2020

2018 v. 2019 Running v. 2020 Running

I ran about 713 miles in 2018. I didn't do a ton of races and didn't set any amazing PRs. But I did have a healthy year with no injuries.

But I only ran 659 miles in 2019. That's 54 miles less!!! I did six races. SIX! Most of them were new-to-me races. I felt like I trained great, barely missed workouts. I was healthy again, injury free, and that's really fortunate.  My times weren't even that different from the previous year.

But I can't help thinking about those 54 miles. That's equivalent to a full month of missed running. I would never willingly miss a full month of running. I know I ran less while on vacation in Colorado. I tried to keep running even at a big conference in LA and on other trips. 

I did do A LOT more writing work this year. And that took time away from running and other kinds of working out (swimming and biking). 

I started the year out right with a run on New Year's Day - 5 x1:00 hills. Short but sweet. 

I don't want to run less or write less - Here's hoping I can do my best in the time I give to both.

Sunday, Jan 5. Update:

I emailed my concerns to my coach. She wrote back.

"It seems like a lot to think in terms of 54 miles being a whole month of training, but if you divide it up over the course of the year, that's only 4.5 miles less per month than the previous year, which is about 1 day of running less each month. Quality of runs (varying intensities, hill workouts, tempo work, etc) is more relevant to performance than just getting in miles for the sake of miles.  
I can get hung up on metrics myself so I totally understand your frustration, but please don't look at it in terms of less miles, less fitness because that's definitely not the case."

This helped me a ton. I am so relieved thinking of it as only running one day less a month. I'm still heading into 2020 thinking about total miles, but also focusing on overall fitness. 

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