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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

2020 Goals

Happy New Year! It's time for some 2020 goals. But first, a quick recap on 2019.

2019 Goals:

  1. Run six races this year - Done! Frigid, Cherry Blossom, Yinzer 5K, Bellevue 5K, Passavant 8K, and Run Santan Run 5K. 
  2. Finish my YA manuscript - Didn't do. But that's ok, I wrote LOTS of other things. 
  3. Finish the Rosalie manuscript - Done, AND prepared a nonfiction book proposal for this story. 
  4. Go camping - Didn't do. But did lots of hiking and kayaking outdoors. 
  5. Co-Read a book with each kid - Done, some were audiobooks.
  6. Bake something new Done! I know gnocchi isn't baked but it was a lot of work. 
  7. Go for a group run Done, only once though. Wish I could do more but it's hard. My schedule is already so full.
  8. Attend a new conference Done! SCBWI LA Conference. 
Ongoing things I want to do well:
Writing coach 
Writing club 

Overall I did OK with these activities. I am going to do more with Moms this year (it's an election year). SCBWI was a ton of work but went well for my first year as RA. I am waiting for an update from the student I coached in writing. Writing club was a blast, and we are already taking registrations for this year's club! I helped NHSC become a 501c3 in 2019, so that's a big deal! 

Stuff I will work hard on but can't guarantee: 
Ed pub 
Continue to write for Highlights 

Continue to write for Cricket 

I sold stories to Highlighs and Cricket, but they will be published this year. I still don't have an agent but I am full steam ahead on educational publishing. 

OK, on to 2020!

2020 goals:
  1. Run six races this year - hoping to do some of the same, some different. 
  2. Go camping - planning to do this for the middle's birthday present.
  3. Co-Read a book with each kid - easier with the younger two. Currently reading "Blood on the River" with the youngest. 
  4. Bake something new - Done! On New Year's Day I made marzipan and floating islands. Then for the youngest's birthday I made lava cakes for the first time. 
  5. Go for a group run - I'd like to try this again. 
  6. Attend a new conference - hoping for the one in DC in April, if I can get in. 
  7. Revise DNF - I finished this manuscript two years ago. I think it's time to revise it!

Ongoing things I want to do well:
  • Moms - it's an election year. Let's get to work.
  • SCBWI - it's my second year as RA. I'm excited for our region!
  • Writing club - we've got a lot of registrations already. Should be fun!
  • NHSC - I'm moving into a new role in grant writing and fundraising. 
  • Teaching Online class - I'm teaching a class for McDaniel College on picture book writing!

Stuff I will work hard on but can't guarantee: 
  • I would love to find an agent who likes my work and wants to work together!
  • I'm hoping and planning to do more educational publishing.
  • Continue to write for Highlights - I got my start in magazines. I love this one especially!
  • Continue to write for Cricket - there's nothing like wonderful nonfiction for kids!

Other new things will come my way, I'm sure. I'll try to be ready for them. 

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