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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Five Amazing Things

Having trouble feeling good lately? I know I am.

I've been deleting fun things off my calendar for weeks now.
I've been missing friends and family.
I've been worried about friends and family.
I've been angry at other people. A LOT.

A very wise woman (and excellent author)  named Melissa Stewart I know shared this practice on Twitter. She got it from Jess Keating, another wise woman and excellent author who I don't know.

It's called One Amazing Thing.

She draws a little picture of one amazing thing every day to remind herself it's not all terrible.

I modified her idea and created five squares so that each person in my family could draw something. Genius!

Guess what? No one wanted to do it but me.

That made me want to draw this in all the squares:

But that's not my style. Instead I decided it was something amazing. I could now use all five squares for my own amazing things!

For the first square, I drew the night we played a fun game over video chat with my parents.

For the second square, I drew our new pup Beckham.

For the third, I drew the sun. Sunny days have made a big difference here.

For the fourth I drew an oriole bird! The first one I ever saw visited our feeders on Mother's Day. It was incredible.

That fifth square is empty for now, waiting for the next amazing thing to come my way. I'm not worried that it hasn't hit me yet. I'm grateful I have a chance to fill in another amazing square.

What would you put in your One Amazing Thing square?

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