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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Of Cabbages and...Cakes

I'm no food blogger, but I do love to blog about food. I'm also a pretty amateur cook and baker. Every once in awhile I can say I "nailed it."

Recently I had some success with parmesan rosemary crackers. No photos because they were eaten fast.

I tried a Victoria sponge (again) and could not get the cake quite light and fluffy enough. But I did experiment with my first fondant covered cake, and honestly, it's so cute. It was pretty tasty, too. The homemade buttercream was a hit.

A few days later I decided to do vegetable prep. I roasted squashes and whipped up a crustless quiche and then stared at a bright purple cabbage and decided "coleslaw."

But not mayonaissey coleslaw. I can't stand the stuff.

So this coleslaw has four ingredients: cabbage, of course. Then apple cider vinegar, sugar, and TAJIN!

It is a tangy, tingly taste sensation! I'm thrilled and so were the family diners.

The cooking and baking adventures continue.

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