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Monday, December 21, 2020

Best Gifts

One of the best gifts we received this year was a pup born Dec 25, 2019. Having a pet teaches self-sacrifice, discipline, empathy and responsibility. 

Having a pet is also fun. 

It hasn't been easy this year, but I'm not sure the point of life is to be easy. I think my philosophy on how to live life is to do my best

That does not equate to perfection, or to be better than others. 

It truly means to do my best. Some days my best is checking off a to do list like I'm a master sword fighter slicing through those tasks. Some days it's pushing the pushable tasks into the future. 

Some days it's wearing pjs all day. Some days it's ...wearing sweatpants all day. Some days I might put on a dress, but only in the summer. 

Having a pet adds different challenges to my "do my best" mantra. But he's really quite forgiving. And that's a good lesson for us, too, to forgive ourselves and others when we don't quite do our best. But we can still keeping trying. 

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