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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Puppy (or People?) Training

This little pup has started puppy class at Camp Bow Wow. He loves going to Camp Bow Wow for doggie daycare. I think he also loves puppy class. He certainly is a favorite of the teacher. I know he's learning lots of new skills, but so are me and my husband. 

Our teacher has a great attitude. The goal is to get the dog to choose to do what we ask, because they love us and want to please us. So she's teaching us how to reinforce the behavior we want. She shows us how to ignore behavior we don't want. We use a lot of food rewards, but we also use the clicker to reinforce that our pup has done something good. And lots of verbal praise and pets. 

I can't help but think - who is being trained, the puppy or the people? 

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