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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

That Ice Cream Place in Rehoboth Beach


Have you ever been to that ice cream place in Rehoboth Beach? The one with a million flavor choices? It doesn't really have a million, but it has a lot. There are maybe four different kinds of vanillas. There are cereal flavors and chocolate flavors and funny flavors like "booger." They also do current events flavors. When Bernie Sanders was a presidential candidate they had "Feel the Bern" cinnamon. Now that Joe Biden is president they have "Summer White House Cherry." 

It feels so indulgent to have so many options. But it's also overwhelming. 

On our recent vacation to Rehoboth, my husband spent the week searching for his favorite version of chocolate. He ended up with a Chocolate, Peanut butter, Coffee flavor that he loved. But he was also tempted to try several that were disappointing. 

My husband and I bought our first used cars from a very small car dealership that only had a dozen or so cars at a time. It felt limiting. But it was also a relief. There weren't many options, so our decision was easier. 

Do you love unending choices? Or do you just get overwhelmed? 

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