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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

This Fell From a Palm Tree

 On our trip to Puerto Rico, I could not wait to encounter all kinds of new birds. I scanned the trees constantly, looking and listening. 

The one morning, as I strolled the beach, enjoying egrets and terns, bananaquits and grackles, I found a new tree dweller. I was surprised!

If you've never been near palm trees, it's important to be cautious around coconut palm trees. Getting hit by a falling coconut could really hurt. 

There's an urban legend about falling coconuts killing more people than sharks kill people. It turns out it's more dangerous for people falling out of coconut trees. 

I think iguanas must sleep in trees. 

And two mornings later an iguana fell out of a tree next to my teenager! 

It hit the ground with a THUMP-thump. He said...with concern...that it bounced a little. 

So what would be worse? 

To be hit with a falling coconut or iguana? 

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