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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I made Carrageen Pudding

I'm working on a story set in Ireland, and I wanted to include a really unusual Irish dessert. I settled on Carrageen pudding, because my story is set near the sea. My mother-in-law used to eat this when she was young. She didn't love it. 

But I decided to give a it a try. 

First, I ordered the seaweed from Ireland. It smelled like tea when I opened the bag. 

I gathered the ingredients. 

This is the part where I steeped the seaweed in the half and half, sugar, and vanilla. It was too hard to take a photo of the next part, but I basically pressed the jelly from the seaweed through a sieve back into the milk mixture. The jelly helps the milk set so it becomes more of a panacotta. I think I could have gotten out more jelly when I try again. 

There's also a step where you whip an egg white into a foam and fold it in. I could do better folding next time, too. 

I let it set overnight and whipped up a quick coulis, but I added strawberries to offset too much raspberry flavor. I'm not a big raspberry fan. 

Honestly, the plain pudding was just that: plain. It needs the fruit to give it any kind of flavor. It has a smooth pudding texture but other than that it was forgettable. There is no seaweed odor or taste at all. Apparently the jelly from the seaweed is fairly healthy. It is, from what I've read, very different from the highly processed carrageenan

Overall, not a thrilling dessert and not a terrible dessert. I think there's room for some modifications. But if it's as healthy as they say, it might be worth another go. 

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