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Hello, I’m Elizabeth – thanks for visiting my blog. Here you will find entries on a variety of topics that interest me from local Pittsburgh events, literature and food, updates on running and triathlon training and more. 
A huge part of our family belief system is encouraging each other to TRY. You may not like everything you try, you probably won't be great at it the first time, but giving something new a try and working toward a goal can lead to all sorts of wonderful discoveries about yourself.

My husband and I are both runners and I also compete in triathlons. We encourage our boys to try a variety of sports and physical activities, too.

You'll also read a lot about the challenges I'm facing as a mom. Nothing too serious, but enough to keep me on my toes. Parenting is such a tough experience. You never know how you’re doing until your children are grown and starting their own families. Sometimes I feel I do a great job as a parent, sometimes I feel I’ve screwed it up big time. Other times, I feel like I'm working miracles. 
We love to travel and enjoy really, really good food. It can be scary to visit a new city or country, or tackle a new recipe or food. But give it a try! You could love it.  
I’m an author and work hard at writing great stories. Being a writer means facing a lot of rejection. But if you don't try, you'll never succeed.  I give a lot of credit to my children for inspiring much of my work.  My books are available on Amazon and my online store
Got a grumpy kid in your house? Get your copy of The Bumpy, Grumpy Road and help your little grouch discover how they can choose to drive the bumpy, grumpy road or race down the smooth, fast road. Picky eaters can get help keeping track of foods they've tried and loved with My Food Notebook. 
I'm also a social media coach that specializes in helping small businesses and non-profits. I have a lot of experience in the non-profit sector and provide training and facilitation on really interesting topics like diversity, volunteer recognition, meeting management and communication skills. You can visit my professional site at One Sweet Writer.
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